Sewer Line

Tips to Keep Your Sewer from Clogging

Do you have trouble with your main sewer line? Is it constantly getting clogged and causing backups in your sinks and tubs? You don’t want to live like this. When the main sewer line has issues, you need to call in the professionals to handle the repair as soon as possible. While they can help you with the clog, you want to take steps to reduce the risk of future clogs. Below, we’ll be covering some of the simple things you can do to ensure your pipes and your sewer doesn’t get clogged.

Clean the Pipes with Enzymes

You don’t want to use harsh chemical cleaners on your drains, as they can end up causing damage. Instead, you will want to use a high-quality enzyme cleaner. These are better for the pipes and the environment. You can find these in local stores or online. Generally, it’s a good idea to use these enzyme cleansers about once per month.

Check the Plants Near the Sewer Line

Roots from trees, bushes, and other plants have the potential to cause serious damage to the sewer line. They could break the line, which could cause a leak of wastewater in your yard. The roots could even clog the sewer line if they aren’t removed. If there are currently plants near the sewer line, you will want to remove them, so you don’t have these types of issues.

Be Careful of What Goes Down the Toilet and Pipes

The only thing that should go down the toilet, other than human waste, is toilet paper. You do not want to place wipes—even if they say they are flushable—into the toilet. The same is true with sanitary napkins and other types of hygiene produce. Be careful of everything that goes down the drains and into the pipes. If you aren’t, clogs are going to happen frequently.

Have Routine Rooter Cleaning Annually

If you want to reduce the risk of running into more clogs, you should contact a plumbing company that can provide you with annual rooter cleaning. This can help to keep your sewer line clear of anything that might end up causing a clog. Routine maintenance should help to keep the line running clear continually.

If you have old pipes, such as clay pipes, you may find that the best thing to do is to have them replaced. Talk with the professionals at Open-Drains about the best way to keep your sewer line clear of clogs.


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