Commercial Drain Cleaning

Common Commercial Drain Cleaning Methods

A clogged commercial drain can be a true emergency. You might not be thinking about what caused the issue since your main priority is getting it fixed – and fast. Regular cleaning can prevent clogged drains but you should also know the signs that a blockage may be coming up.

Slow drains or those that backup often needs more than drain cleaner to rectify the situation. We’ll share what you can expect when you have your commercial drains cleaned.

Snaking the Drains

The simplest method to clear a clogged drain is through drain snaking. This is also the first approach most plumbers will use. A drain snake or auger is made from a length of line that is sized to fit into the pipe that has a clog.

Commercial drain snakes will go deep into the pipes, find the clog, and remove it. However, some clogs may require more than that to dislodge the clog.

Inspecting the Pipes

Video inspection is usually the step taken after drain snaking. This gives the professional an idea of the best way to clear the clog.

For instance, in some cases, older pipes can collapse and cause a blockage which necessitates a new pipe. In other cases, clogs are caused by food, grease, and fat in the pipes. This builds up and restricts flow to create frequent clogs.

If your business uses grease traps, these need to be pumped out regularly to prevent huge backups.

Hydro Jetting Services

For seriously clogged drains, hydro jetting may be used. This is done when a drain snake can’t cut through the clog. A large stream of water is passed through the drain with a special spray head that can smash through major clogs. This will often remove even the most stubborn blockages in pipes.

The only downside to hydro jetting is that you’ll need to clean the pipes and it can damage pipes that are quite old. However, the inspection before lets a plumber determine if this is the right method in your case. If not, other solutions will be used to avoid unnecessary damage to your drains.

One of the best things you can do is to prevent backups and clogs before they happen. Clogged drains can create unclean conditions that nobody wants to deal with. Speak with a specialist from when you need drains cleaned. In many cases, you can also request maintenance services to ensure the plumbing stays in great shape.


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