Sewer Line

The Basics of Sewer Clean Outs in Residential Homes

Modern plumbing includes several fail-safes to prevent unnecessary sewer problems. Vent pipes, sump pumps, and drain traps are a few examples of how a home is protected from sewage backups. However, one of the parts of the system that you may not be familiar with is the sewer clean-out.

What a Sewer Clean Out Is

Most of the time, a sewer clean-out is near or on the property line. It is a capped pipe that connects with the lateral sewer line. This line is a specific pipe that connects the sewer lines in your home to a septic tank or the local sewers.

If the lateral sewer line becomes clogged, sewage may back up into the drain. This is not just messy but can be a serious health hazard. The benefit of a sewer clean-out is that it helps keep the lines clean and can remove water if there is a backup.

What Happens Without a Sewer Clean Out?

Some older houses might not have a sewer clean-out. This is most common when state or local plumbing codes do not require one to be installed. However, if you don’t have one now, it’s a good idea to have someone install one.

In other ways, a house might have a cleanout but it could become covered in dirt and debris. If you think that one is present but you aren’t able to find it, there are options. Doing minor digging in the area where the clean-out is located is recommended.

Another method to find the clean-out involves hiring a plumber. A professional can run a camera through the line and find where the clean-out is. Then, digging can be done to uncover it for further use.

Benefits of a Sewer Clean Out

In many states, a sewer clean-out is required. However, there are benefits to having one even if it isn’t required. Some of the benefits you may experience include:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier and cheaper cleaning
  • Protection of landscaping
  • Prevention of backflow

If your pipes are filled with debris, it’s essential to work with a professional to rectify the issue. This process can be more efficient and less expensive when there is access to a sewer cleanout. It might be worth installing one for the benefits it offers. can take care of the process so you can enjoy the benefits of a sewer cleanout.


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