Sewer Line

What Is a Collapsed Sewer Line?

Most likely, your home is connected to a sewer system through a sewer line. This plumbing line ensures your water waste gets appropriately removed from your home. However, ill-maintained or older sewer lines may collapse. If this happens, it can be a costly issue. 

A collapsed sewer line is a pipe that has weakened and, in turn, failed. This failure leads to either a partial or complete obstruction of the pipe. It is extremely rare for this to happen to new pipes, and there are typically warning signs leading up to the collapse. 

What Causes a Sewer Line to Collapse?

There are many potential causes for a sewer line collapse. The most common causes seen are the following:

  • Corrosion or other age-related deterioration
  • Too much weight or pressure
  • Improper installment
  • Lack of maintenance and cleaning
  • Tree root invasion
  • Soil movement underground
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals or acidic soil

Signs of a Collapsed Sewer Line

As mentioned above, there are usually signs that your sewer line has collapsed or is in danger of doing so. Keep an eye open for the issues that can mean a collapsed line. 

Frequent Backups

If you notice your plumbing is backing up more often than it used to, this can be a sign of a collapsing sewer line. This is especially true for drains in the lower areas of your home, such as the first-floor shower or basement toilet. 

Multiple Clogs

Are a lot of your drains clogging consistently? This likely can mean that the backup is extending beyond the lower drains in your home and becoming a more widespread issue. 

Odd Noises and Odors

Your drains may begin making strange sounds like bubbling and gurgling. You may want to blame it on a ghost, but it’s more likely to be a sewer line collapse. These noises can be caused by air rushing through your sewer line. 

Foul smells from drains can be due to waste and sewage not leaving the toilet properly. You may not see sewage in the drain, but the scent indicates something isn’t right. 

A Wet Yard

Your sewage line is outside. If it collapses, it may cause your yard about the line to get saturated with the sewage in the drain. 

What to Do?

Call your plumber immediately if your sewer line collapses or is backed up. They can come in and repair or replace the line and get it back in working order. Though concerning, a collapsed sewer line can be fixed.

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