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Why Is Sewer and Drain Repair So Expensive?

Indoor plumbing is part of what makes modern life possible. It allows you to have running water at the turn of a knob, or to flush away waste with the press of a toilet handle. However, when things go wrong, you can quickly rack up the costs. That’s particularly true when it comes to sewer and drain repair. Why is this service so expensive?

Identifying the Problem Is Challenging

Finding the problem with your sewer line can be very challenging, particularly if the damage is far from the house. The plumbing company will have to use a remote camera to trace the problem from within the sewer pipe, which requires time, technology, and a knowledgeable operator.

The Need for Multiple People

Sewer and drain repair isn’t a job that a single person can handle. Your plumbing company will need to send out at least two technicians, but if it’s a larger job, more people may be required. As the number of technicians increases, so does the cost of the repair.

The Need for Excavation

Sewer lines run from your home to the municipal sewer line away from the house. That means having to excavate the pipe, which requires time and heavy equipment in many cases. 

Interior Repairs

Sewer lines begin within your home, so if the damage involved sewage backup, it could have damaged sheetrock and flooring within your home. Replacing those is usually part of the repair process and will require additional time and materials.

Permits Are Often Needed

Excavating a sewer line often requires obtaining permits from your city or municipality, which incurs a fee. 

Restoring Landscaping

Once the line has been repaired and covered with dirt, the plumbing company may need to restore your landscaping. This will also require time, materials, and money.

How Much Does Sewer and Drain Repair Cost?

The cost of sewer and drain repair varies significantly and could be as little as $1,000 or as much as $20,000. If you need commercial sewer and drain repair, you can expect it to cost more. 

The best solution to your sewer problems is to work with Open Drains which is transparent about its pricing and will explain everything required to repair or replace the line. That way you’ll know how much it will cost going into the project and won’t be hit with surprise fees.

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