Why Would I Need Professional Drain Service?

The drains in your home take a lot of use and abuse. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even into the basement, drains see thousands of gallons of water, soap and cleaning products, personal care products, hair, grease, food bits, and other debris. While we all do our best to take care of the drains and ensure that nothing goes in them that shouldn’t, there is always the risk that something could go wrong.

And if nothing else, even regular buildup over time could indicate the need for professional drain service to get a thorough cleaning of the drains so that they can operate at maximum efficiency. There are several different instances when you might find yourself in need of professional drain service:

Serious Clogs: You can handle clog removal on your own, to an extent. If you have serious blockages in a drain, you’ll want to call a professional right away. They have the expertise and the tools to get the job done safely and properly. You might have tree roots or collapsed sections of your drain that can only be seen with a video inspection, for example.

Point-of-Sale Inspections: Some cities and municipalities require inspections before homes are sold, and many of those inspections include the drains of the home. If this is required, you will need to call a professional sewer and drain service to come to perform the inspection with the proper authorities present. If repairs are necessary, they can make them, as well.

Water or Sewer Backup: If you have a backup issue, it’s probably not something you can resolve easily. And if it’s sewer backup, it shouldn’t be left unattended any longer than necessary. You might even want to call in an emergency plumber, or at least leave the home until the sewage is cleaned up and the issue is resolved.

Routine Maintenance: You can also rely on professional drain services for routine drain cleaning and maintenance to reduce the risk of needing their help for the other services listed here in the first place.

The case for professional drain cleaning and inspection services is strong. This isn’t a task that should be taken on by an amateur, in any case. If you are experiencing issues with your drains, or even if you just want to talk to someone about maintenance to prevent issues, contact Open Drains today.


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