The 7 Most Common Reasons for Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drains see a lot of use. Even with the best efforts, grease residue, food scraps, soap, and other items can get into and build up in the drains, leading to backups and all-out clogs. Professional kitchen drain cleaning can provide the relief that your drains need, no matter what issues you might be facing. Here are seven common reasons you might need to call for professional assistance. 

  1. Grease and Oil

So many people put oil and grease down their drains without realizing how bad it actually is for the pipes. Not only can it damage them, but the grease can harden and build up in the pipes, causing clogs. 

  1. Food or Disposal Issues

Again, people often put more food down their drains than they should. This can lead to buildup, clogs, and even problems with a garbage disposal when you have one. Always strive to put as little food waste down the sink as possible, even with a disposal. 

  1. P-Trap Clogs

The P-trap under the sink often gets clogged with debris to the extent that it needs to be removed emptied, flushed, and then replaced. If the clogs are too severe, the pipe may need to be replaced. 

  1. Odors

When food, grease, and other items build up in drains, they can create foul odors that are nearly impossible to eliminate. If you’ve tried baking soda and other natural remedies to no avail, professional drain cleaning may be required. 

  1. Drain Flies

As with odors, foods, and buildup in drains also bring drain flies. These can be a nuisance and spread throughout your home, causing all kinds of annoyance. Sometimes, professional cleaning is the only way to get rid of them for good. 

  1. Foreign Objects

Although it’s more of a rescue mission than a cleaning, foreign objects falling into kitchen sink drains is a huge reason for service calls. Whether it’s someone’s wedding ring that fell into the trap or a fork that’s lodged in the disposal, it needs immediate intervention from a professional. 

  1. Standing Water

If there’s standing water in your kitchen sink, there’s a clog somewhere in the drainage. It might not even be in your sink, but in your washer plumbing, or the plumbing that goes to the bathroom. One clog can back up the entire system, so professional intervention is necessary. 

If you notice these or any other major issues, you should contact Open Drains right away. 


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