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Does It Really Matter What Toilet Paper You Use?

Does it matter which toilet paper you use when thinking about your septic system? The truth is that not all toilet paper is the same. Some are much easier to break down as it moves through your plumbing. Using toilet paper that is thicker can result in clogged pipes and toilets.

Not sure which toilet paper is right for your home? We’ll talk about which products to use and which you might want to avoid.

One-Ply, Two-Ply, or Three-Ply?

One of the major things to consider in terms of whether toilet paper is good for plumbing is how many plies or layers it has. One-ply is the most affordable but is thinner so people tend to use more sheets each time they use the toilet. However, some one-ply paper is more absorbent and stronger.

When it comes to the choice of ply, one-ply is recommended since it breaks down faster than two-ply. However, two- and three-ply paper is more absorbent. This means you need fewer sheets and feel more comfortable when using them.

Because two- and three-ply paper has thicker material, it’s more likely to get stuck in the pipes or toilet trap. If you notice that using two- or three-ply toilet paper is leading to constant clogs in the bathroom, switching to one-ply is a good option.

Types of Toilet Paper

Some types of toilet paper are also better than others. For instance, recycled toilet paper is a good choice. The fibers will break apart more quickly. This means that the paper itself will quickly dissolve and lead to less buildup in the pipes.

Another good option is biodegradable toilet paper. Less water is needed to break it down so it will quickly dissolve in the septic tank. It turns into tiny particles that won’t stick together and cause harm to the system.

Some eco-friendly toilet paper products are also available. Most of these will be made with something other than trees. This isn’t essential but it does mean that it will dissolve quicker. Sugar cane and bamboo are some of the most popular alternatives to toilet paper made from trees.

Even if you use the friendliest toilet paper for the sewage system, you can still experience clogs from time to time. If these clogs are hard to resolve, Open Drains is the best to help. Technicians can determine what is causing the issue and resolve it for you.


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