Sewer Line

Top Benefits of a Video Sewer Line Inspection

Certain leaks can and issues in your home’s plumbing system can be hard to diagnose. This is particularly true with the sewer line. The sewer line, which carries all the wastewater out and away from your property, is buried meters deep in the ground. It can be incredibly hard to access.

Your sewer line is important – if there are issues with it, you may have wastewater backup, drainage problems, puddles and sinkholes emerging on your property, and more. Thankfully, modern technology has provided an easy way to inspect sewer lines for potential issues: video inspections.

With a video sewer line inspection, a tiny, waterproof, hi-tech camera is put on a long line and pushed down your sewer pipe. This camera can produce clear, real-time footage of the inner workings of your sewer line.

Pros of Video Sewer Line Inspections

There are many benefits to this modern inspection method:

  • No permits are needed because no digging is involved.
  • Save money and solve problems faster.
  • Able to provide preventative maintenance.
  • Quick and easy; with technology, the inspection can be performed in a day.
  • Can easily find lost items that have been accidentally flushed.
  • Watch the video yourself so you can confirm your plumber’s thoughts and diagnosis.
  • The video can be recorded on DVD for proof in any insurance claim.
  • And more!

When Is It Time for a Video Sewer Line Inspection?

There are several reasons someone might need a sewer line inspection. The most common is a toilet that will not flush or drain properly. If you have a bad drain that will not budge with traditional unclogging methods, it’s time to get a sewer line inspection.

Typically, sewer line issues will appear as clogged drains in the home (it can be one drain or multiple depending on the severity). Someone may also notice bubbling in their toilet bowl water.

Another common symptom is a foul, garbage-like odor radiating from around your toilet, sink, or bathtub drain. That signals the backflow of wastewater.

Additionally, those who are remodeling their kitchen or bathroom may request a sewer line inspection. Before making any decisions about new additions, homeowners need to understand what drainage levels their sewer system can handle. So, it’s always a good idea to get an inspection of the sewer line before planning the remodeling.


Issues with a sewer line are serious and need to be taken care of swiftly. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can choose Open Drains for your video sewer line inspection. They are easy, quick, and efficient!

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