Roof Drain

How Often You Should Clean Roof Drains

Roof drains are an essential part of a roofing system for any building. This is especially accurate in areas with lots of heavy rainfall. These drains are made to direct water from the roof so pooling and damage do not occur. Maintaining and cleaning the roof drains is important for a long lifespan and the best effectiveness. The frequency of cleaning can vary based on many factors, which we’ll discuss below.

Factors Related to Cleaning Frequency

Environmental concerns can be a consideration. If you have frequent storms, high rainfall, or heavy winds, you may need to have the drains cleaned more often. Debris like twigs, leaves, and dirt can accumulate quickly and potentially clog the drain system.

The environment also has an impact on what kind of debris gets into the drains. If there are lots of trees around, leaves will be more of a problem. Urban places might have more trash and dust.

A flat roof often has more debris and water compared to one with a slope that encourages runoff. The roof design impacts how debris collects and how frequently drains need to be cleaned.

For those in areas with distinct seasons, cleaning needs can change over the course of the year. For instance, fall brings many fallen leaves while spring introduces pollen and other items.

How Often to Clean Your Roof Drains

In most cases, roof drains should be cleaned about twice times each year. Have inspections in spring and fall due to the extra rain in those seasons and handle the debris from past months. However, in areas with lots of storms or high levels of debris, you may wish to choose more frequent inspections and cleanings.

In high debris spots, monthly checks may be best for the months when debris is most common. In stormy areas, having a check after all major storms or hurricanes is recommended. This ensures the drains are fully functional and ready to be used whenever they are needed.

Keeping your roof drains clean is important to protect the overall integrity of your home. Regular cleaning can extend the life of roofing materials but also prevent costly repairs and water damage. When you’re aware of the needs of a home based on the factors above, you can choose a cleaning schedule that keeps your roof drainage in great shape and fully functional. Contact us to learn more today!

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