How Sewer Rodding Could Make Your Drains Run More Smoothly

There are many benefits to sewer rodding, but one of the best is helping your drains work their best. By cleaning out your drains and pipes with this method, you can bust through tough clogs, buildup, and debris that would otherwise slow your drains. Trust the experienced professionals here at Open Drains the next time you notice your drains slow down. We can clear it out and get you on your way in no time.

What Exactly Is Sewer Rodding?

Sewer rodding is when a professional plumber takes a rod and uses that to break up some type of buildup or obstruction that is slowing down or stopping water from flowing through a pipe. This can be done when the pipe is nearly clogged, but is most often done when there is a full clog. When you notice that your drains have slowed significantly, this is often one of the most effective remedies.

One of the most common reasons to need sewer rodding is when the roots of trees on your property invade your pipes. These roots expand quickly. This can lead to full pipes over a very short period of time. Getting your pipes and drains inspected annually can clue you into a problem before you face a backup. If you have issues with roots, we can help you keep them at bay to protect your whole home.

What Sewer Rodding Does

Sewer rodding is a relatively simple process. It uses a metal rod to break up hardened debris, clogs, or any type of buildup that is slowing down your pipes or your drains. The rod pushes the debris and buildup down the sewer line so that your pipes and drains run as they should. Most people do not need this process done often, but so long as it is done by a professional, it can be done with minimal disruption to your pipes.

Here at Open Drains, we know how beneficial sewer rodding can be. Contact us today to discuss if we should help open your drains with this easy procedure, too!


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