How Can You Tell if Your Drains Are Slow Because of Tree Roots?

Recently, you realized that every spring, your drains slow down. Could this slow down be due to something in specific since the timing is so reliable? If your drains regularly slow down during the late winter and early spring months of the year, it could be due to tree roots. Trees are quite resilient. They can grow in nearly any type of environment, even thriving in places where us as humans would struggle. Unfortunately for your plumbing, this can also mean that trees can become a problem in their quest to survive.

Symptoms of Slow Drains Caused by Tree Roots

Just having slow drain does not mean that a tree is to blame. However, if your slower drains coincide with the tree growth on your property, it could point to the cause. Trees commonly grow in spring, which means the roots are expanding in search of a reliable source of water. Pipes offer this water, so roots often work their way into small cracks or seams between the pipes.

If you believe your trees could be the cause of slower drains, you will likely notice a few common symptoms.

  • An earthy smell coming from your drains after water goes down may point to roots in the pipes.
  • Gurgling from your sink when it drains, your toilets when they flush, or both.
  • Areas of your yard that seem to be sinking slowly around trees and in a similar area to where your pipes run.

Should any of these symptoms become apparent, then it is time to inspect the pipes. It could be more than one cause, so the only way to verify if it is roots or something like a cracked or partially collapsed pipe is with a camera. It only takes a few minutes but gives you a definite cause.

No Matter What is Slowing Down Your Pipes, We Can Help

Tree roots are only one reason your pipes or drains may be slow. In order to know the cause of your struggle, you need to keep your pipes inspected and functional. Call us today at Open Drains and let us figure out the cause and solution for your slow drains.


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