Maintaining Your Drains with Holiday Visitors

With the holidays approaching, you may be preparing to have visitors in your home. More people in the home means more stress on your house’s drains. However, that doesn’t have to mean problems will arise. 

Follow the tips below to keep your plumbing in proper working order while you have guests. 

Check Drains for Clogs

If you have a slow drain right now, extra use can lead to a complete clog that could require professional assistance. Ensure all your drains work correctly, and remove any noticeable debris before visitors arrive. 

Put strainers in drains that may see an influx of debris, such as your guest shower, and avoid putting grease and turkey bones down your drains to prevent clogs from showing up as an unwanted holiday guest. 

Check for Potential Leaks

Have you noticed mold or wet spots around your toilets or sinks recently? Is your water bill higher than usual, even before guests come over? These are signs that you have a plumbing issue, like unnoticed leaks. Having people over and using your plumbing more will worsen these unaddressed issues. 

Consider having your plumber come out and use their leak detector to see if you’re dealing with a leak without causing unnecessary damage to your walls or floors. This visit is much better than an emergency plumbing visit during your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Make Sure Your Garbage Disposal Is Good to Go

If you have a garbage disposal, ensure it’s in working order before the holiday guests arrive. Your disposal is likely to see more use with large meals being hosted, and if it’s not ready for the influx, it can cause a drain clog.

Use a disposal cleaner to make sure your drain and disposal are cleared. When using your garbage disposal, cut larger food pieces up before disposing of them, and always run water while the disposal is running. 

Bonus Tip: Check Your Water Heater

You’ll likely use more hot water than usual with more people in your home. Have your plumber come out and perform a check-up on your water heater. This will ensure it’s working correctly and can provide a larger amount of hot water. Nothing’s worse than a surprise cold shower when you have guests over. 


Guests can put more stress on your drains and plumbing. If you’re not prepared, this can lead to a holiday disaster. Contact us today to ensure your plumbing is ready for the holiday season.

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