Signs Your Drain May Need to Be Replaced Completely

Do you constantly have issues with water draining down your sinks? Have you tried every DIY trick under the sun, from chemicals to snakes to hangers to get all the gunk out? If so, then you may have more than a clog. You may have a drain that has so much built-up gunk that it requires a full replacement. This does not happen too often when drains are cleaned regularly, but life gets busy, and we do not always have the time to have someone come in and clean the drains. If this has happened to you, then know that the experienced professionals here at Open Drains can help.

Ideally, We Want to Maintain Drains and Avoid Problems

The best way to avoid drain replacement is through drain maintenance. When you notice that your drain slows down or starts to have an odor, then you want to call us in to check the drain and see what is going on. There are many layers of buildup that occur under your drains. When this buildup dries, it becomes just like cement. When called in early enough, we can often break up the problem and get your drains back to normal.

When Problems Occur, We Have Solutions

If your drain is beyond repair or simple maintenance, then the next step is replacing the drain entirely. What we have to do in this instance is take out the old drain and replace it with one that will fit your sink and your pipes. While this typically is not a massive undertaking, it is more difficult and time consuming than the maintenance is. It also means you end up paying more for the repairs in the long run. Thankfully, replacing the drain is often a successful solution to your slow drain issue and it usually means that you can get right back to life as soon as we leave.

Turn to us here at Open Drains today. We will come over, see what is going on with your drain, and let you know our professional recommendations. Do not struggle with drains that are causing trouble for one more day. Call us today.


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