The Real Causes of Damaged Drain Pipes

It’s always a pain when your pipes unexpectedly burst, but what can you really do about it? Well, you can look into pipe maintenance for starters. Plus, if you know that your pipes could face issues down the line, you may be able to avoid some of those problems. Here are some of the more common issues that lead to damaged drain pipes.

Damage Caused by Freezing Water

Pipes can sometimes crack or burst once they get below freezing because of the water inside freezes into ice. The expanding ice pushes against the walls of the pipe, eventually breaking through. You can reduce this risk by insulating any exposed pipes in your home so that the cold doesn’t get to them as easily.

Damage Caused by Tree Roots

Tree roots growing into drain pipes can bring those drains down. If this happens, you may be able to spot the roots on the surface near your house. However, some tree roots burrow deep and go unnoticed for years. If you can’t see any evidence on top of the ground, we can use a special camera to detect them underground.

Damage Caused by Corrosion of Materials

Usually, metal corrodes over time due to contact with soil or water, which eventually causes a break. In some cases, the corrosion can be so bad that it eats right through your drain pipe and causes a leak. Leaks caused by corrosion are often very difficult to spot because they tend to start small and get bigger over time, unlike a burst pipe which typically gives you a warning before it really starts leaking. Corrosion-related leaks often occur near connections between different materials in your house, such as metal pipes connecting with plastic ones.

Damage Caused by Poor Design or Installation

Some people simply don’t know how to install drain pipes properly. Installations that aren’t done according to code will often be prone to clogging and bursting because there are too many sharp turns, not enough slope, or they’re made of inferior materials. If you notice any of these problems with a section of drainpipe somewhere in your house or yard, make sure you have a professional like us come to take a look at it before water damage occurs.

If you worry about your drain pipes, contact us here at Open Drains. We can come out and see what exactly is going on. At least that way, you get peace of mind.


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