How Boiling Water Can Harm Your Drains and Pipes

One of the most common reasons you have a slow drain or a stopped-up drain is because of a clog. Clogs can not only cause problems with your kitchen or bathroom sinks, but they can emit odors that are less than pleasant. You may have heard that boiling water can be poured down a pipe to loosen a clog.  In fact, pouring boiling water down a drain can do more harm than good. Here are some reasons why pouring boiling water down a drain can harm your drains and pipes.

It May Damage Your Sink and Pipes

If you have a clog in your bathroom, you may have a porcelain sink. Porcelain is a great material to use in a sink, but it is not the strongest material you can use. If you pour boiling water down the drain, and it gets on the porcelain, it could crack your porcelain sink. This may lead to leaks in your sink, and a sink replacement. This is going to typically cost you a whole lot more than a clogged sink will.

Not only can boiling water damage your sink, but it can also damage your pipes. If you have steel, iron, or copper pipes, pouring boiling water down your pipes will not affect the pipes themselves. However, if you have plastic pipes, pouring boiling water down them can cause your plastic pipes to melt or develop holes. If you do have plastic pipes, you’ll want to try and dislodge the clog with a plunger rather than a pot of boiling hot water.

Clogs Can Reform Without Help from Open Drains

One of the largest problems with pouring boiling water down your drains and pipes is that the clog may not move. In fact, pouring boiling water down onto a clog may make it tougher and more difficult to get rid of. Most clogs are a combination of oils, soap, fat, hair, and scraps of food. If you do not completely dissolve the clot with the boiling water, you may make it worse.

When you have a clog that refuses to go away, we can help. Contact Open-Drains for help with all your drain and pipe problems.


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