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Can Flushable Wipes Damage Your Pipes?

There are few things as convenient as flushable wipes. They offer quick and efficient cleaning that isn’t possible with paper towels or toilet paper. Medicated wipes even exist for those who experience painful medical issues. 

While these wipes are marked as being flushable, you might wonder how accurate that really is. Today, we’ll answer this question and give you the answers you desire so you can be sure you aren’t creating plumbing problems with your wipes.

Should Flushable Wipes Be Flushed?

Don’t believe everything you read on the packaging. It is not a good idea to flush wipes, even if they say it’s okay. The reason they are bad for plumbing is that they don’t break down as quickly as other items. Wipes are held together with non-degradable substances.

Unlike toilet paper, which breaks down upon hitting the water, wipes stay intact. This means they can become stuck in your septic tank or sewer pipes. This can result in blockages, clogs, backups, and flooding.

What to Do If Wipes Clog Your Pipes

Wipes can clog your pipes and cause plumbing issues. If you’ve been using these wipes in the past without awareness of the damage they can cause, you may experience a clog. There are a few things you can do if this occurs.

  • Use a plunger: A plunger may loosen the clog and force the wipes to go down.
  • Try a toilet snake: Toilet snakes can access the wipes in the pipes and pull them back out. They will need to be removed and thrown away.
  • Bring in a professional: If none of the above methods work, you need the experience of a professional. For deep clogs created by flushed wipes, you should contact a licensed plumber.

How Do Flushable Wipes Affect Septic Systems?

For those with a septic system, flushable wipes are just as bad as they would be for a sewer system. They can clog your pipes and build up in the tank, which necessitates more frequent pumping. This will elevate your plumbing costs and may cause a clogging hazard.

Are you experiencing plumbing issues that may be the result of flushable wipes? The best way to handle the issue quickly is by reaching out to the professionals at Open Drains. We’ll inspect the plumbing problem and make sure it’s cleared up for you. The sooner you call in, the more quickly the problem can be rectified.

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