Top 5 Things You Should Never Put Down the Toilet

If you’ve ever had a catastrophic backup in your bathroom, you’re probably aware that there are certain things that can’t go down the toilet. However, many people aren’t as well-versed as others when it comes to toilet etiquette.

Despite what many people think, you can’t just feed your toilet anything you want and expect it to disappear. After all, it’s not a garbage disposal, and treating it like on can produce unsavory results.

Maybe you haven’t been schooled in what should be flushed and what shouldn’t. That’s okay; we believe everyone should get one pass and a free educational course. The following article is the top five items you should never put down the toilet.

1.    Menstrual Products

Some ladies have a bad habit of disposing of their menstrual products down the toilet. This, however, is a terrible idea and will usually lead to a backed-up toilet. The problem is most of these products swell when additional liquid is added to them. Do we really have to say anymore?

2.    Baby Wipes

Baby wipes aren’t very friendly when it comes to toilet flushing, either. The texture of these wipes causes them to stick together and easily form large chunks. These can be difficult to get to drain down your pipes and can easily lead to clogging.

3.    Diapers

While we were hoping that this didn’t have to be added to the list, we realized it was necessary. Aside from the fact that diapers absorb insanely large amounts of liquid, they’re also incredibly big and will not flush down a toilet. Even in their unexpanded state, why would you ever think they would fit down the toilet? Just don’t do it.

4.    Medication

Let’s change the pace of the list a bit and add an item that has a risk of being toxic instead of clogging your pipes. Medication can get added back into the groundwater once it flushes and goes through a city’s water system. There have been tests that show massive amounts of prescription medications in a city’s water supply.

5.    Hair

Many people have a bad habit of cleaning their brushes out over the toilet. Hair can easily clog toilets and wreak havoc on your pipes. Think twice before placing old hair in the toilet next time.

Next time you’re considering placing a dangerous item down your toilet, don’t be lazy. Throw it away or do whatever you have to properly dispose of the item. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in the end!


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