Steps to Unclog Your Roof Drains

Drains only work when they’re clear of debris. Roof drains are no exception. Although leaks often seem to come from nowhere, there are problems that can be building up for longer than the average homeowner realizes. In fact, clogged roof drains are one of the leading causes of roof leaks. When this drain gets clogged, it causes water to pool or accumulate on the roof and in other areas throughout it. That can lead to water seeping through cracks and other damages in the roof, and other serious issues.

If there is a clog in your roof drains, you need to address it immediately. When using a ladder to access your roof, do so with caution and follow good safety practices. Make sure that you’ve got shoes that won’t slip off the ladder, and that you have someone there to spot you.

Then, remove all the litter and debris from around the roof drain. While you’re at it, clean your gutters if they’re filled with leaves and other items. Sometimes, you might be able to do a simple cleanup and get things flowing again. If the drain remains blocked, you’ll want to get a flashlight to look inside. See if you can notice anything that might be causing the backup—is there an animal nest inside? Has trash or outdoor debris built up and somehow made its way down the drain pipe?

If you do see animals or their nests inside, you’ll want to call a professional plumber to get the best outcome and remove the animal or its nesting materials safely. If it’s not an animal, then continue on with your work. Now, you’ll want to grab a garden hose. Try to use this to clear out the drain, pushing the hose downward while spraying at full blast. Just be careful because if this doesn’t push the clog out, it could lead to more standing water on the roof and that’s never good.

You can also try a pipe brush to dislodge the clog, but it might be best to just call Open Drains and let them deal with it. That way, you can know that you aren’t going to damage the drain or the roof itself and the clog will be removed properly. If your roof drain doesn’t get unclogged quickly, it can lead to much more serious problems, as mentioned, and you should avoid that at all costs.


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