Why is My Bathtub Drain Always So Slow?

Having a slow draining bathtub is a common occurrence that irritates most people. After taking a bath, you might notice that the water drains slowly or in some cases, it does not drain at all. There are different reasons why your bathtub drain is slow including the following:

  • Hair in the drain. This is the most common reason for clogging the drain. It does not happen at once as the hair builds up over time. The hair comes from you while you are taking your bath. At first, the drain will be slow and continues getting slower until it stops draining.
  • Oil, grease, and Soap scum. Soap build ups can make your bathtub drain slower. Like hair, it is a gradual process. You take a bath to get rid of oil, grease and dirt. After you finish, the residue will get into your drain. Over time, you might find that your bathtub drain is getting slower.
  • Big objects. If you have a family, this is a problem that can happen. Big items like Legos, toys, and even jewelry can get lost in the drain and make the drain slow down or even stop.
  • Septic backup. If the water is backing up into your tub, you might find that the problem is with the septic system. This is not a problem that you want to have since the water might be smelly and is definitely contaminated.

Once you notice that the bathtub is getting slow, you can try some home remedies like pouring hot water in the drain or using drain clearing fluid. This can solve the problem if there is grease or oil build up. You can also try using a snake line and see if you can pull the obstruction out. If you miss your jewelry after taking a bath, you might consider looking at the bathtub drain first.

If the situation does not improve, contact Open Drains and have our expert look at your plumbing. This is especially if you suspect there is a problem with your septic system, as that is a serious issue.


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